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Face Down – An Indie Horror Card Game Review

Face Down is a creative card indie horror game that plays a lot like war. A masked man has stolen your lovers face, and you must capture his cards to beat him and win it back. The first player to 100 points wins!

The pixel art style and gameplay are superb, making this an excellent 10 minute horror game experience. It’s a new take on war I never expected to see. There’s also a few extra rules that come into play like not being able to use an even card in your left hand. If you do and get caught, the masked man gets 5 points. Or you can catch him and get 5 back on your own. It’s an extra twist that will keep you on your toes.

In the background is a dreamlike world, really immersing you in the game. I really enjoyed the small props like the liquor bottle and briefcase for the game. It adds a lot to the Face Down experience. The dialogue is great too! He taunts you as it goes on, and even makes fun of you if you do bad enough. Up until you’re winning, he’s super cocky. Which makes it all the greater to win, shut him down, and spoil his fun.

Created for a Summer Game Jam, Face Down is a fun and immersive horror game definitely worth trying out. You can play in browser or download it too. I was always a fan of war back in the day, so it was fun to play this specialized version, which has a real win/lose risk.

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