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3 Minutes With Your Dog Indie Horror Game Review

Finally, a PS1 style game about dogs! In 3 Minutes With Your Dog by Capybara Forge, you play a simple game of frisbee while madness unwinds around you.

It’s a fairly straightforward horror game, you toss the disc at the highlighted spots and your dog will fetch it back. Along the way, the world changes around you into a more dog-friendly place. Turning around, you can see all sorts of wacky and weird stuff happening. Dogs walking humans, aggressively shaking dog food bags, and more.

I really enjoyed the theme of 3 Minutes With Your Dog, and it’s simplicity. Who wouldn’t love to see some PS1 style dogs? They were adorable! Small and perfect for a colorful HPS1 style game. Though their smile, maybe a little bit creepy. It would have been nice to be able to interact with the world, and maybe do more with the dogs. It’s a short indie game though, and did well with a fun concept. The random dancing dog got me pretty good.

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