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Sea Chronicles – A Hilarious Indie Game Sea Adventure

In a new demo released by Bomi Games, Sea Chronicles is a comedic first person indie game where you’re lost all alone at sea. The rest of the crew has mysteriously disappeared and you play the lone survivor. Sailing around your lifeboat, you try to find out what really happened to everyone.

The entire game has a really laid back atmosphere and tons of fun unexpected moments. I really like how the only color ever highlighted is blue. It really adds to the theme of a sailing adventure, and makes our one and only crab friend stand out. There’s a really clever puzzle right where the demo ends, where you take out a living islands eye and dig for treasure on his hand. So the demo ends perfectly with that, looking forward to more of those!

We’ve only seen a little bit of the story so far. As shown on the Steam page the story gets more into a mystery setting. Where not only everyone is missing, but you’re still stuck in a time loop. Either way the game does not take itself too seriously on any of these themes so far. In fact it’s usually making fun of itself.

There’s not too much to do yet, and only one island to see but I love where the game is going. Sea Chronicles is something I really hope to see come out with a full release some day. The sarcasm, comedy, game design, and atmosphere is a perfect mix. It’s worth it for any indie game fan to go try out.

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