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Incident at Work – Found Footage Indie Horror Game Review

In Incident at Work, you bring in your camera to a late night shift at the suspicious and secretive corporation you work for. After a few nights of witnesses strange events, you decide it’s time to get evidence for yourself.

Following the mundane horror pattern, you spend most of the time fixing the servers while an unknown entity tries to take over your body. TechtronX Corp is clearly hiding something, and the small notes scattered around the room tell a little more of its story. Definitely the classic case of a runaway corrupt organization.

While you wait around, the entities mess around with you. Spelling their messages out on the TV and such that they need your body. That’s when you’re supposed to leave, but I guess the IT grind it worth it somehow.

Incident at Work is one of the older classic indie horror games on I love the games simplicity, atmosphere, and small bits of story it tells. There’s been a lot like it, but the feeling of being alone in this dark creepy server room was perfectly done. It’s a short 15 minute game, so if you’ve never played it or are just getting into indie horror, you should check it out!

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