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Silkbulb Test Review – A Weird and Eerie Quiz Horror Game

The Silkbulb Test is a short and strange indie horror game where you watch a slide show and answer a bunch of weird questions. With little explanation given, you have to answer before times runs out, and before the thing lurking in the pitch black dark gets you.

While I did like the environment of complete darkness with some mysterious objects lit up in the background, the test seemed kind of pointless. Most of the questions are basic nonsense, but the ones where they ask you about the “strangers” are creepy as hell. The deformed monstrosities pictured are like something out of the Mandela Catalog.

Meanwhile when answering questions, something is slowly sneaking up on you. Most of the time you barely get a glimpse, but can still tell it’s some cryptids deformed face getting closer and closer. That’s the best part of the game really, up until then there was really no consequence for not answering in time.

So far, Silkbulb Test is still available only as a demo. They do plan to release a full game, but I’m hoping there will be more to it than the quiz. Not sure where else it could go at that point. Either way the demo is a great short 10 minute horror game you should try out!

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