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Mary Had a Little Lamb Horror Game Review

In the Mary Had a Little Lamb horror game, you play as Mary who feeds the town to her demon lamb. The game was made with MS-DOS style graphics, and calm retro background music.

The blood meter was pretty cool how it filled up with more victims. Every once in a while the lamb grows, but you don’t really get to notice it. Their eating animations all seem the same no matter the size. A short bit of backstory would have been interesting, I enjoyed the rampage though. Besides that, Mary is seriously just a menace in this game, sparing nobody.

There’s a short series of puzzles you make your way through as the lamb grows and you find more items. It’s not overly complicated and moves at a pretty good pace. Also, one bug to look out for is the smoking guy, try electrocuting him from the bottom. The game can lock up if you talk to him from the right.

Mary Had a Little Lamb MS DOS Horror

Mary Had a Little Lamb secret room

One secret all players I’ve seen miss so far is that you can go upstairs in the house after electrocuting the guy smoking. Not much up there though, some posters, a PC, and a bathroom. Its a neat little secret area though. The PC plays a nice song when you turn it on, so it’s worth coming by to check out some extra’s.

Exploring the town was cool. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a quality MS DOS style horror game, and there’s a lot of extra effort put into it. Not only the house, but also the train at the bottom of the world. I would definitely like to see more like it!

The ending was amazing, kind of beautiful but also messed up. I knew something like that was bound to happen, especially when the blood meter doesn’t fill up completely after the last massacre. Mary Had a Little Lamb is a great retro style horror game with a twist on the story. It’s definitely worth trying out if you like these kind of games.

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