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The Witch of Sherdorne Forest Indie Horror Game Review

The Witch of Sherdorne Forest is an indie horror game where you set out to a forbidden forest in the West. Your lords son has gone missing and he ignores the seer who tells him to look in the desolate forest. You take matters into your own hand, walking into the forbidden and ignoring the drama.

After camping out in the forest, a light appears in the endless dark of the night. Inside you find nobody there, just a hatch leading into more pitch black nothingness. The cave exploration is seriously creepy. It’s a bit too dark at first, which is a bit tough to play through, but it greatly adds to the spooky atmosphere.

Fans of the creator Daniel Buckley’s The Crypt Terror will be happy to see many similarities. Since The Witch of Sherdorne Forest takes place in the same world. It was interesting to see this story still going. With a bit of a religious theme revolving around not upsetting the horrors beneath.

Closing Thoughts

Normally I don’t like jump scares so much, but The Witch of Sherdorne Forest had an excellent set up to theirs. Plus the actual cryptid is scary as hell, and has a fitting scream to go with. It really feels like he just killed the player.

Just like The Crypt Terror, the cave exploration is constantly unsettling. It’s completely silent and pitch black dark, besides the few lights that show in the distance. There was also a point where the underground passage opens up to a huge area where you can see bridges just barely in the distance. Makes you wonder just how much bigger the place really is.

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