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Bite Sized Terrors: Erobos Heaven – Indie Horror Game Review

Erobos Heaven is a horror game that’s a part of the Bite Sized Terrors series. After the events of Don’t Look Up, the protagonist prayed to god to save him from the monsters in the sky. People were being grabbed up, and there was nothing you could do. The world had fallen into chaos.

Your prayers were heard though, and you were teleported to a bright and empty landscape with a nice house. The only problem is, the wrong god answered your prayer. Looking around there’s nothing else here, and you’re the only one. It doesn’t take long for the existential terror to set in.

Your situation turns out to be only a little bit better… at first. There’s no time here, night can come at any moment. Worst of all, you’re alone. At least until a strange child with his eyes scooped out comes along. Yeah that’s way better…

Erobos Heaven – Actually Hell

The monster or god here takes a lot of pleasure in torturing you, and the child. When you actually get to see his form, god d*mn is it chilling. Many arms, and disfigured super dark eyes. His voice is quiet, but evil and scary as hell. There’s a lot the game makes you think about too. The endless street lights make me wonder if there is another part of the world to see. Sadly there’s no way to go check them out in this game.

If you liked Erobos Heaven, you should definitely check out all of the other games by An Over Thinker. All of them are great, especially the Notebook Entries Vol 1. They all have a similar style of short but excellent horror concepts. Seriously some of the creepiest indie horror games out there. My only complaint about the game would be that it’s too dark. Most of the time it does add to the atmosphere, but having to look at the ground and bump around the entire game while lost was not so fun. It’s a small thing to get over though.

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