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U.R.B.E.X. Body Cam Indie Horror Game Review

U.R.B.E.X. is a two part body cam horror game where you hunt down an escaped prisoner. Similar to Deppart, the game tries an immersive and realistic approach. Sadly, in my opinion, this game falls short of most others that have come out.

With the genre of “body cam horror” becoming bigger, I think we’ll see a lot more games like this. I just hope they end up having more content and aren’t being propped up by big YouTubers. Basically, U.R.B.E.X. is more of a walking simulator. I will give it some points for the good abandoned building design, but the rest is a bit lacking.

You don’t end up using the gun for anything. Shooting at the escapee doesn’t ever do anything. He just stands there staring at you and only leaves when you get close, kind of anti climactic. URBEX is also kind of unnecessarily split into 2 tapes because of bugs, with tape 2 being the ending and only like 10 seconds long.

Overall, it’s a good concept with a well designed building and atmosphere. The escapee would be more scary if he was more involved in the game. Not even being chased, but if he wasn’t just fixed to show up behind a door two times. For instance, showing his eyes glowing in the darkness towards the end of tape 1 or 2. There’s just little gameplay and not much to do. I wouldn’t recommend buying it for 1 Euro, and give it a 4/10.

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