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Mooshie’s Kitchen 3 Indie Horror Game Review

Mooshie’s Kitchen 3 is out, and it seems this will serve as the finale to the series. Like the prequels, the latest game makes great use out of ridiculous humor and insulting mascot horror games. It’s time to kill Mooshie once and for all.

Now that Mooshie is president, we infiltrate as a secret agent to assassinate him. Even firing you gun is absolutely hilarious… Shooting out limp d*ck shots that barely move and make fart noises like everything else in the game. Anyway, to make your way into the rooms, you need to shoot down drones to steal the keycards.

There’s some extra tasks to do, which were all worth trying. Especially releasing the meat tube monsters, which turns into an amazing shootout. The rooms have robots with some especially funny dialogue. It’s much more of a funny game than a horror game, and less horror than any of the other Mooshie’s Kitchen games.

Mooshie’s Kitchen 3 Final Thoughts

Mooshie's Kitchen 3 security robot screenshot
Oi! What the f*cks going on!?

Although we killed Mooshie, there is an ending scene that might give us some hope. All three games have been amazing so far, and Mooshie’s Kitchen 3 is yet another one of my favorite indie horror games. There’s not a bad moment in the game, it might take you a sec to get used to the drones, but that’s about it.

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