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Torcurus – An N64 Inspired Deep Ocean Horror Game

Torcurus is one of my favorite games that came out of the 32bit game jam last week. You play as a newly hatched baby sea turtle that just made their way to the ocean. Out in the distance you might’ve noticed the oil rig, which plays a big part in the game.

The first thing you’ll notice when you get in the water, is the huge piles of trash lumped around you. There’s debris constantly floating down. Besides that, it’s actually a pretty neat underwater view. The music is really uplifting, retro, and makes you kind of forget that bad parts of what’s going on. It also fits the underwater theme perfectly, just like something I’d see in a colorful N64 or PS1 game.

Torcurus – Finding Secrets and Becoming a Cyber Turtle

Torcurus secret developer room with two statues

Along the way, you run into abandoned machines where you get new upgrades attached to you. At one point, you get some sort of depth gauge and clock. Though I have no clue what it actually did… I thought it was a bomb at first and I was going for the rig in an act of vengeance.

Along the way, there’s a secret developer room which was pretty neat. The two figures in here have some special messages for you. It’s worth checking out, just shoot oil at the cracks in the wall on the right passage after the rusty sub.

Anyway, the ending is probably the scariest part of all. You’re much deeper in the ocean and everything is pitch black. Then you unlock a turbo booster and continue your descent until who knows when. The rest of the mission remains a mystery.

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