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The Sweet Treats Man – Gameboy Analog Horror Game

The Sweet Treats Man is a gameboy style horror game where you play through a cursed cartridge to save lost souls. It’s Halloween and the town has hidden candy in three different spots for the event! You have to collect all of the candy in each level and hide from the Sweet Treats Man when he comes around.

Though pushing around a candy cart, he has a creepy demon like appearance. He’s always on the move for lost children, looking for his next victim. The Sweet Treats Man is incredibly nostalgic, reminding me of many classic Gameboy games. Many old Gameboy games used to be really freaky, even if not on purpose, and this brought back many of those memories.

Classic Gameboy Aesthetic

The first thing that came to mind for me that has similar vibes was Bart Simpson’s Escape From Camp Deadly. Plus a few other classic games. The familiar text, green tint, music, and all of the sounds are spot on as far as GB aesthetic goes. I’d give it a 10 in that category.

One thing though, is it’s kind of tedious going back and forth to search. The strategy is all in the timing. The Sweet Treats Man comes through pretty frequently, so a lot of times you might only be able to search one bush. Plus there’s a lot of waiting, especially in the 2nd level. The background music is pleasant and helps pass the time though.

Getting caught is bound to happen a few times, you should test out his hitbox for where he see’s you ahead of time. The scare when he catches you is really well done, a dark spooky end. Overall, I always love the story of a cursed game cartridge. Though tedious at some points, The Sweet Treats Man has a good concept, story, and top quality Gameboy aesthetics.

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