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The Happyhills Homicide Review – You Are the Killer!

Through 20 chapters of VHS tapes, we witness the events of The Happyhills Homicide. A serial killer clown is loose, and performs some neat cliche murders. Each chapter brings upon a new theme, scenario, and victim. As the nights go on, you eventually see some of the killer’s motivations. He picks his targets carefully, those who he feels are deserving.

The creator made some really unique situations that really feels like they came out of an 80’s slasher movie. I really like the retro / pixel style graphics. It was fun to sneak around as the clown, and to use a unique method to take down your victim every chapter. There’s a few sudden unexpected twists that were genius, and made the game so much better.

Although the graphics are pixel art, it’s still incredibly violent and brutal. Some of the kills like the nail gun, wow. He gets progressively more creative and violent with his methods. Eventually having to kill many others that get in his way.

I’m surprised The Happyhills Homicide is a free game! The creator did a lot of work on it. There used to be 5 chapters to start with, then it was updated to 10. With the final release there’s 20 tapes total and a fulfilling end to the story. I hope we get to see more!

The Happyhills Homicide Story Explained

Spoilers ahead! With the new chapters, we finally get to see the motivations behind the Happyhills clown killer. The story is straight out of a horror movie plot. There’s even a few neat references to many horror movies within the game, such as The Ring!

The killer turns out to be John Wade, the Janitor from a high school called Westpine High. Much of the staff and students treated him horribly, though he was a pretty creepy dude. Having a weird obsession with one of the students Madison too. Though he might have meant to spare her, since she was the only one from the school who didn’t treat him badly.

Some of the football team students lit a fire, just trying to mess with him. It ended up burning down the school, and the janitor thought they tried to kill him. So he sought out revenge on everyone from Westpine, becoming the killer.

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