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The Ball Pit – A Fast Food Indie Horror Game Review

After eating your happy meal at the local McDong’s, you break into the play area to play around in The Ball Pit. It turns out to be the worst mistake of your life, as hilarity and horrors ensue.

I had to check this game out as soon as I saw this. A horror game about the ball pits that used to be in fast food restaurants? Sign me up! There’s a lot of funny moments and great attention to details. I enjoyed stuff like the pet memes on the soda machine that you can blow up.

At some points, I felt like the game had a few too many pointless hallways and turns. It’s not too excessive though, the comical parts outweigh it. As does the horror, some areas like the bottomless pits are actually pretty creepy. Or the infinite balls coming from random spooky dark holes in the ceiling. You might be tempted to jump in just to find out what happens like I did. (You die)

At around 10 minutes long, The Ball Pit is great for any indie horror game fans, and has plenty of funny moments. I’m always looking out for more fast food horror games, it’s one of my favorite theme’s to set a game around.

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