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32bit Game Jam 2022 Featured Indie Game Reviews

32bit Game Jam Logo with outer space background

The 32bit Game Jam is an event for indie game developers to create games inspired by the 90’s era of gaming! Besides the classic PS1 theme, there were also two alternate themes given to help out with ideas. The themes are The Ocean or Another World, and both are optional. Some games took advantage of … Read more

Citri Plays Noirwood Indie Horror Game Review

Citri Plays Noirwood getting dragged down by skeleton hands

Citri Plays Noirwood is a Vtuber simulator where you play as a streamer that’s playing a horror game. Watching from the chat’s perspective you have to collect 7 relics hidden through Noirwood. Every time you play through, the location of the runes is randomized. It’s actually pretty easy to get lost looking for them. Many … Read more