Reviews of the best indie games and horror games

Perfect Vermin – A Horror Game With Sinister Furniture Imposters and a Sad Message

Perfect Vermin Horror Game Screenshot

Perfect Vermin is a short free game where you hunt down monsters posing as furniture. With your trusty sledge, you can smack away and destroy almost anything. It has a highly destructible environment that breaks apart into many pieces. It’s really satisfying when games takes advantage of highly customized destruction like this. It reminds me … Read more

War of the Worlds 1913 – A Cinematic Short Story Depicting H.G. Wells Original Novel

War of the Worlds 1913 Screenshot

The War of The Worlds 1913 is a short, cinematic depiction of H.G. Wells Sci Fi Novel, War of the Worlds. Originally, the story takes place in 1898. Some more inspiration behind the game was “The Great Martian War” which is why some elements from the 1910’s are used. That’s also the reason why the … Read more