Reviews of the best indie games and horror games

Interstate Buffet – A Rural Buffet With a Peculiar Food Selection

Interstate Buffet Indie Horror Game

Interstate Buffet is an experimental horror game where you’re traveling and come across a buffet off a major interstate highway. It’s in the middle of nowhere and it seems there’s no staff or other guests here. Despite that, it seems to be inexplicably stocked with a nice variety of strange foods. Would you trust a … Read more

Spookware – WarioWare Inspired Horror Mini-Games Jam Version

Spookware Indie Horror Game

Spookware is a short horror game that’s compiled of many smaller horror games. It’s the same fast paced style mini-game selection like WarioWare, but spooky instead of for kids. There’s 10 different games that you’ll randomly flip through, and you only have 3 lives so be quick! Beat the game before the dynamite goes off! … Read more

Resurfacing of the Tigershark – Short Indie Horror Game

Resurfacing of the Tigershark Indie Game

In Resurfacing of the Tigershark, you take the role of an explorer who boards a US nuclear attack submarine named the USS Tigershark. Six months ago the submarine disappeared and was presumed missing. The entire crew was also presumed MIA. Despite the massive search and rescue operation by NATO, it was never found. Four days … Read more