Reviews of the best indie games and horror games

Spookware – WarioWare Inspired Horror Mini-Games Jam Version

Spookware Indie Horror Game

Spookware is a short horror game that’s compiled of many smaller horror games. It’s the same fast paced style mini-game selection like WarioWare, but spooky instead of for kids. There’s 10 different games that you’ll randomly flip through, and you only have 3 lives so be quick! Beat the game before the dynamite goes off! … Read more

Killer Frequency – A Slasher Villain Hotline Radio Station

Killer Frequency Indie Horror Game Featured Image

Killer Frequency is a horror game where you run a late night radio show called 189.16 – The Scream. It’s the only late night call show in Gallows Creek, and tonight is particularly eventful. You’ll encounter three different callers who need your help making their way around town safely. There’s a strange man who’s been … Read more