Reviews of the best indie games and horror games

Filled with Freedom – Bizzare Indie Horror Game with Secrets

Filled with Freedom house and sun rising in the background

Filled with Freedom is a retro style horror game where you inherit the house of your late grandfather. The game became really popular after many YouTubers picked it up and tried figuring out it’s many secrets. You arrive at the house which has an odd design to it. There’s walls all around, which strangely have … Read more

Hearth – Build a Boat to Escape a Dark Haunted Island

Your rabbit friend plays a guitar near a fear in the dark forest

Hearth is a short horror game where you’re stranded on an island with your guitar playing friend. Your only hope in making it out is to build a raft and escape. There’s sticks scattered around the island you have to collect. Then every time you come back, you have a difficult decision to make. If … Read more

Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021 Horror Games Review

Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021 Screenshot Featured

The Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021 is a wonderful mix of 24 holiday and winter themed horror games. There’s a game for every day leading up to Christmas! A neat intro scene plays out with Bitey, and Gifty. Bitey sings a jolly Christmas song while Gifty interrupts because he craves blood and demands flesh. Then … Read more