Reviews of the best indie games and horror games

ROV Review – A Terrifying Underwater Indie Horror Game

ROV Underwater Robot Arm screenshot

The genre of purposely over complicated game mechanics returns again with ROV. Controlling your underwater vessel, you collect nasty alien-like samples that are growing on a deep water pipe. Besides the pipe, your ROV (remotely operated vehicle) is surrounded by nothing but the dark abyss. Made special just to trigger your thalassophobia. If you wanted … Read more

Meatly’s Storage World – An Amazing Generic Mascot Parody Horror Game

Meatly's Storage World, Meatly chasing you around the units

Meatly’s Storage World is a small storage building where we have a rental unit. Problem is, we don’t know which one, and there’s a terrifying generic mascot named Meatly lurking around the place. So here we are, in a dark, “happy” storage unit, risking our lives… for a missing donut. It’s probably worth it. Though … Read more

Poop Killer Review – An Absurd Comical Indie Horror Game

The Poop Killer standing in the movie rental store

Poop Killer is a horror game inspired by the trashy horror films of the 80’s. While working late at a movie rental store, a random guy off the street comes in and destroys your bathroom. The unforgiving Poop Killer takes notice that someone didn’t flush and comes seeking vengeance. I held off on playing the … Read more