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ROV Review – A Terrifying Underwater Indie Horror Game

The genre of purposely over complicated game mechanics returns again with ROV. Controlling your underwater vessel, you collect nasty alien-like samples that are growing on a deep water pipe.

Besides the pipe, your ROV (remotely operated vehicle) is surrounded by nothing but the dark abyss. Made special just to trigger your thalassophobia. If you wanted to venture out for a bit you could get lost forever in this game. With the VHS like graphics and silent ambience, it’s a well done underwater horror game.

Controlling the robot arm is super frustrating at first. Using the alternate camera is a big help to get a better point of view. The game would only be 3-4 minutes long without trying to get the claw right. Anyway, it was pretty cool to grab the little samples in it and move them around. After the first two, you go down even deeper only to not find the third sample. Instead there’s something else you run into!

For a short horror game, ROV has great retro horror aesthetics. I’d definitely recommend it to those looking for underwater and thalassophobia horror games. You might want to write down or take a screenshot of those controls when you start!

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