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The Outhouse Indie Horror Game Review

While camping late at night, you finish your soup and have to take a trip to The Outhouse. It turns out to be a horrible idea, with the private property around you and the outhouse monster lurking around.

The campsite is a really well done PSX environment, especially with the sound effects. The crackling of the fire, the soup, all high quality creations. Plus there’s the nighttime sky while being alone in the middle of a forest. The game is just the right length, leading you to the outhouse while not casting too much suspicion on what will happen.

It’s actually kind of funny how you can just step over or walk around the tree that falls during the second trip back. That part seems like a satire of how video games do that. You can almost step over, but it doesn’t let you, gotta take the long way.

The Outhouse All Endings and Closing Thoughts

There are three endings you can get, none of them particularly happy. You get the first ending by making it to the outhouse and hiding from the hunter successfully, but the monster living inside of it takes you as it’s next victim. Ending (2/3) happens when you don’t hide and stand there inside the outhouse. The hunter shoots you through the door. Final ending (3/3) happens if you don’t make it out of the chase part in the woods, again the hunter shoots you.

I liked having the option to go back right before the endings start, so you don’t have to restart like a lot of indie horror games do. That’s convenient and a good effort by the creator, hope to see more follow suit. The Outhouse is a short, but creative horror game with great aesthetics and fun endings.

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