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The Driver – An Awkward and Disturbing Uber Ride Simulator

The Driver is a short horror experience where you get picked up by a socially awkward driver. It only takes a moment until you get an incredibly uncomfortable feeling about the guy. Some of what he says can be written off as a typical awkward discussion with a stranger. We’ve all been there. Other stuff he says, not so much.

The script is random, so each playthrough will be mixed up a bit. At first he might say some stuff about his passion for fishing. Next he might miss a turn and tell you how he’s not allowed to be close to a high school… That’s probably the most revealing dialogue of it all. Besides that, he offers you some water, which he says is totally okay, nothing wrong with it at all.

As far as gameplay goes, it’s really not much of a game. You can look around, but can’t interact with anything. For what it is though, the five minutes of feeling uncomfortable and creeped out by this guy was near perfect. Even though his appearance is simple, it’s still disturbing enough along with everything he says. The splotchy sounds when his eye blinks were freaky too, even a bit funny. His bulgy eye and mouth look along with the darkness makes it all the better.

Final Thoughts

With a few small additions, it could’ve been a game. Like being able to drink the water, or actually pick up the “wrappers”, or just plain run out of the vehicle for your life. Those are some small, easy endings. I definitely expected something to go wrong in the end, but you make it out alive. Pretty good outro music. The Driver is an animation he made for a final though, I’d give him A if I was the teacher!

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