Reviews of the best indie games and horror games

Maple County – Creepy VHS Police Training Horror Game

Maple County Short Horror Game Featured Image

Maple County is a short horror game where you watch a police training video about an unknown threat. The tape shows a series of faces and you have to pick whichever of the two looks most unsettling. It was inspired by the Mandela Catalogue, so you’re identifying ‘alternates’ similar to doppelgangers seen from the horror … Read more

In Somnio – Surreal Horror Game About Five Types of Nightmares

In Somnio Short Horror Game Featured Image

In Somnio is a short PS1 style horror game where you experience five different themed nightmares. Each nightmare has it’s own chapter, and some are much more horrifying than others. I would recommend possibly skipping the last one. It’s downright awful and you’ll remember it for a long time to come. Each of the chapters … Read more