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Hello – VHS Found Footage Indie Horror Game

Hello is a found footage style horror game where you investigate a mysterious quarantined apartment. You take the role of a detective and radio in to your partner you’ve found the right place. The door is unlocked, so we head in and take a look around.

If you check around the bottom of the stairs before heading in, you can zoom in and see a few fliers telling you about the ongoing quarantine. Maybe the game takes place in our timeline? Once inside, it’s a pretty normal apartment. It was a little confusing to get the game to progress once finding the ‘evidence’. At first you just have to find keys, but there are event ques from moving around the apartment. So just make sure to keep moving.

The TV is one of the spots you should pay extra mind to. It has a few special messages just for you! It feels like there might be a supernatural force at work instead of an actual killer. The building morphs itself to keep you trapped and guides you through rooms that shouldn’t exist. In the end, the tape cuts off and our fate is unknown.

I really enjoyed the VHS perspective of Hello, and the way that the apartment changed around you to keep you trapped. Some parts were difficult to progress through though. Sometimes there’s no items left to find and you have to walk through the same rooms many times to move on. The moving body, the random photographs, and the ending were creepy and a great story though.

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