Reviews of the best indie games and horror games

124 Handle of the World – Haunted Bus Driving Horror Game

A passanger wearing a Technoblade shirt enters the bus

In 124 Handle of the World, you’re a bus driver who’s working their midnight shift. Through the entire ride the cool, dark atmosphere and night sky in the background gives you this strange eerie feeling. The PS1 style horror game graphics amplify that effect while you look around the bus. I was constantly looking back … Read more

Death Trips – Indie Horror Game With Many Surprises

Death Trips Indie Horror Game Featured

Death Trips is a short horror game where you investigate a cheap hotel for the infamous killer known as ‘Lady Death’. Her last victim was found at the hotel and you’ve come to investigate. As inspector M. James, you arrive to a suspiciously empty hotel. Unfortunately for you, the killer is still around. Since there … Read more

Ghost Study – Low Frequency Sounds ARG Ghost Story

Ghost Study Indie Horror Game Featured Image

In Ghost Study, you participate in an experiment about the effects of low-frequency sounds on the human body. The research says the sounds have caused odd sensations to other people in the past. Some even attribute the sensations to paranormal encounters. What will you experience? You unbox the package which contains the disk with the … Read more