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Agent No. 6 – A GoldenEye N64 Inspired Horror Game

Agent No. 6 is an FPS horror game inspired by GoldenEye 007 where you infiltrate a terrorists base to sabotage it. The further inside you go, the more the game breaks down and spooky glitches start to happen.

The FPS part of the game was pretty decent. Not super detailed, but the gun play was fun. There’s a decent amount of weapons, and the AI works okay most of the time. Though some of them are a bit slow when you’re shooting their buddies right across from them.

Inside the base, one tip you should know to move on is you need to shoot all of the energy containers. The big white cylinders, which the game doesn’t tell you to destroy. It’ll unlock a door you need to move on. After a while the game starts glitching out, becoming like something out of No Player’s Online. It gets worse as you go on, and shadows appear around the map. In Metro horror fashion, the shadows of dead people take over places like the bunkers and sick bay.

The entire level restarts and turns pretty grim. Copious amounts of blood all over the place, and jump scare shadows that you have to shoot quickly. It’s not too difficult though, you get plenty of health so it’s a decent challenge. Agent No. 6 was a great cursed cartridge style horror game with FPS gameplay. It replicates the N64 feel admirably.

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