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One Way Ticket Ep. 1 – Like a Sitting Cluck Horror Game

One Way Ticket Ep. 1 is a horror game that takes place as Chubby’s Chicken where you work the night shift as the lone fast food worker. You do some simple tasks, empty the trash, put the cash in the safe. Turns out you’re not alone though, you’ll notice the chicken creeping on you in the window. He clumsily runs away when you get too close. The rest of the night is pretty uneventful, until you have to go to the basement.

One Way Ticket Ep.1 Endings

For a villain that looks ridiculous and was comical at first, it was pretty ominous to come across him in the basement. There’s two different endings to One Way Ticket Ep. 1, the true ending and the false ending. Though either way you’re doomed by the giant chicken. You either run off and get fried alive, or become victim to the chicken himself.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of One Way Ticket Ep.1. The creator also picked a perfect song to go along with it. It’s a short horror game, around 2 minutes or so to play through and see each ending. If you enjoyed this game, I’d highly recommend checking out the second episode in the series, One Way Ticket Ep. 2!

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