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The Deer is Watching Review – A Short and Funny Horror Game

The Deer is Watching is a horror game demo about a sinister deer monster that traps you in a house. Only chapter 1 has been released so far, so not much more about the plot is known just yet.

You wake up in locked bedroom and take some pills left around. There’s camera’s in every corner, watching your every last move. Luckily you have a friend that wants to help you leave, though we only see his hand creepily slipping you notes and the camera you need.

It’s actually hilarious to see the antlers popping out from the bed, and then the shower. Where he’s so obviously hiding in a poor attempt. It’s hard to take the horror part too seriously most of the time, especially the hand. Which isn’t attached to anything, you can just see the severed hand chilling in the vent shaft.

Deer only safe

Instead of relying on any jump scares, the feeling of being constantly watched by some monster while you don’t know what’s going on is the creepy part. Then who to trust, the hand or the deer? Silly questions, but interesting to think about! The puzzles are mostly simple and easy to solve, they made a creative use of the camera.

The deer villain was a great choice, and I hope to see more of him in the full game! This review will be updated if and when the full game is released.

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