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LIDAR.EXE Review – Scan and Reveal the Dark Gloomy World

Lost in an unknown dark space, LIDAR.EXE is a horror game where all you have is your lidar scanner to find your way out. You can set the size to small, large, or you can scan an entire area in front of you.

The LIDAR.EXE scanner concept was unique and pretty fun to use. It was a pretty good way to reveal a jump scare too. If you liked the game, you could also check out Scanner Sombre which the creator took inspiration from. It’s a longer and more colorful scanner exploration game. There’s also the Garry’s Mod addon LIDAR.

Besides the complete creepy darkness of the world, the only thing to guide you are the dots on the walls. There’s a few oddities along the way like the goose you randomly find. That’s something that kept me wondering just where we ended up. In the background, you can also find some towers beyond your reach. A little more story about how we ended up here and what the place is would have been neat to see.

It was pretty fun just to use the scanner to paint the dots. Outside of the main objectives, there’s not much else interesting to find. Besides some stuff in the background and the goose. Though for a short horror game, everything fits together perfectly.

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