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Static End – Live Out the Final Days of Mankind in Your Apartment

Static End is a short horror game where you’re barricaded inside your apartment to survive the apocalypse. A strange dark structure looks like it keeps growing every day, and the planet is in total chaos. There’s nothing left to do but wait.

Looking outside, it’s a pretty grim scene. It gets worse every day with the structure growing, then the alien creatures flying around. You have 6 bullets left, but there’s nothing meaningful you can shoot. You can shoot the random shadows, your TV, and the mirror, but nothing changes. If you look in the mirror, you’re character doesn’t look so great too. It’s best to keep exploring.

Although the controls are over complicated, it’s an interesting game. You can’t look up or down and you have to enter “inspect mode” to interact with anything. That could’ve been much more simplified. The day and night cycle was a good touch. As time goes on, a lot of changes happen around the apartment. The story and ending is very thought provoking, who are the invaders? What is the meaning of the monster and eye you see in the ending movie?

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